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Sick and Tired – I needed respite and support but instead I lost my son.

Three years ago I lost my son to foster care because I got too exhausted and overwhelmed to care for him.

My son, who is now 13, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD and was in and out of the hospital more than a dozen times in five years. I was a single parent with little support from my family. The pressure of caring for my son took a toll on me.

Destructive Behaviors

My son was … Read More

All the Difference – My son’s new school has put him on the right path.

art by Terrence Taylor

This story is anonymous at the children’s request.

My son was all excited to start first grade. I hoped his transition from kindergarten would be easy. I worried because in nursery school he’d occasionally shown aggressive behavior. His teacher and school officials said, “He’s 5 years old. He will mature.”

But within a month of switching him from a private school to a class of 28 in our local public school, I … Read More

Apart But Not Alone – My grandson has made progress in a facility that works closely with family.

photo by Rosa Perin

From the day my grandson Nathan made his arrival into this world, we felt that something was different. Nathan was a fussy baby. He didn’t like to be held or rocked. Getting him to sleep was always difficult. As he became a toddler, Nathan couldn’t sit still or stay focused on any one toy for any length of time, even watching TV. Interacting with other kids his age was … Read More

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