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Sick and Tired – I needed respite and support but instead I lost my son.

Three years ago I lost my son to foster care because I got too exhausted and overwhelmed to care for him.

My son, who is now 13, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD and was in and out of the hospital more than a dozen times in five years. I was a single parent with little support from my family. The pressure of caring for my son took a toll on me.

Destructive Behaviors

My son was … Read More

Mission Impossible – CPS is helping to reconnect my son and me even though I lost my rights

Three years ago, my son was removed from my home because he had serious behavioral problems and I had become too sick and exhausted to care for him.

I raised my son on my own until he was 9 years old. For five years, he was in and out of psychiatric hospitals because of his impulsive, destructive behavior. He was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder.

I found services to support my … Read More

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