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Rise magazine is written by parents who have faced the child welfare system in their own lives. Many people don’t know that the majority of children who enter foster care return home to their parents–and that most children in care wish for a lifelong relationship with their parents, whether they live with them or not. Helping parents is fundamental to helping children in foster care.

Through personal essays and reporting, parents illuminate every aspect of the child welfare experience from parents’ perspectives. Sign up for a free individual subscription or purchase print copies to hand out to parents and child welfare staff. For professionals, Rise stories offer insight that can improve how you engage and support fragile families. For parents, Rise offers information, peer support, and hope.

Rise Magazine

New York State Budget Falls Short on Child Care Investments

While NYS took steps forward, much more is needed to create universal child care.

Governor Hochul recently released the New York State budget for 2023. This year’s NYS budget invested more in child care than previous years; however, it still falls short in making child care truly accessible. We acknowledge the $7 billion over the next four years that has been allocated towards child care—more than double the previous budget’s support for child care. However, we … Read More

Rise Magazine

‘Our Goal Is Universal Child Care in NYS’: AQE’s Stevie Vargas discusses the importance of free, accessible child care—and what proposed legislation will change.

Rise identified access to child care as a 2022-2023 policy priority and has joined the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE), other community groups and child care providers in organizing to pass legislation to fund universal child care in New York State. Here, Stevie Vargas, AQE’s Upstate Campaign Coordinator, discusses the campaign for universal child care and what AQE heard from parents and providers during their 10-week statewide child care tour. She also explains what the proposed legislation will accomplish, why it is essential to end means testing, and how child care is an issue of racial, economic, gender and labor justice.

Rise Magazine

For Me, Child Care Could Be a Life Saver: ‘I’ve pushed off medical treatment because I don’t have child care, and I don’t want the hospital to call ACS.’

I am a single mom and it is only my son and I living together. That means that, unless he is in school or at camp, wherever I go, he goes, too—even when I have to go to the hospital. 

blems and when I end up in the hospital, it’s not always during school hours. There are lots of reasons why I would need to bring my son with me to the hospital, such as if I’m having seizures or sudden severe pain, and these things do not happen on a schedule. 

Rise Magazine

Self-Care and Community-Care Strategies

As part of our community-building workshops to begin the program, parents in the 2022 Rise & Shine leadership program engaged in discussion about self-care and community-care strategies. Together, parents developed a list of self-care and community-care strategies for our group, which we also want to share as a resource for our Rise community. We hope it can be a tool as we continue to explore ways to build relationships, keep each other safe and care … Read More


Halimah Washington Speaks at AQE Press Conference Demanding $5B for Universal Child Care

Rise joined Alliance for Quality Education (AQE), parents and child care providers at a press conference in the Bronx on February 24th to demand NY State invest $5 billion in universal child care.

Rise Community Coordinator Halimah Washington spoke about the need for universal child care and the link between the lack of accessible child care and family policing.