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‘Abolition Is the Only Answer’: A Conversation with Dorothy Roberts

As Rise continues to explore child welfare system abolition, we were thrilled to talk with leading scholar Dorothy Roberts about what abolition means to her and why she is certain abolition is necessary as we work toward a different vision for families, communities and society.

Dorothy Roberts is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and researcher, scholar and activist. Here she discusses what she has learned from parents, plans for her next book and the importance of using terms like “family regulation system” or “family policing system” instead of “child welfare system.” She describes connections between the family policing and criminal justice systems and shares more effective, compassionate ways of addressing harm and supporting families.

Toward Our North Star: Rise’s Abolition Retreat

Artwork by Eileen Jimenez. Learn more.

Rise recently held a three-day retreat for staff to learn together about the child welfare system, abolition and restorative and transformative justice approaches to addressing harm. We discussed roots of oppression (including racism, classism, sexism, ableism, colonization, capitalism) and envisioned our “North Star” — our vision for children, families and communities. 

Led by Bianca Shaw, assistant director for programs and culture, and Genevieve Saavedra Dalton Parker, development director, the retreat provided an … Read More

Rise Community Conversations: ‘A Space of Reimagining’

In exploring child welfare system abolition, Rise is learning that abolition is a vision and strategy to cultivate hope about society and to reimagine community-based care. This summer, Rise began facilitating community conversations as part of a longer-term process to develop and support a vision for building safe, just and healing-centered communities that support the well-being of children and families — without child welfare system surveillance and involvement.

In order to share our journey transparently and in solidarity with others involved in abolition work, we talked with some of the Rise team who facilitated and joined the community conversations: Bianca Shaw, assistant director for programs and culture; Halimah Washington, community coordinator; Nancy Fortunato, senior parent leader; Genevieve Saavedra Dalton Parker, development director; and Careena Farmer, contributor. Here, they discuss what we are working on and learning about at Rise.

Join Rise for a Community Conversation!

Rise invites parents and Parent Advocates impacted by the child welfare system to join us for a Community Conversation about how we can better meet the needs of families impacted by the child welfare system.