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‘I Hated for the Night to Come’- I thought I’d lose my mind when my kids were in care.

After my kids were taken, I felt so empty inside. Food didn’t seem to have taste. And I hated for the nights to come. The nights felt the worst. I didn’t know if my kids were safe and warm.

Sometimes I would go in their room and sit on their beds. I left everything as they had left it. My daughter’s pajamas were still under her pillow. Their toys were waiting for them. The … Read More

Dreams for My Daughter- I’m trying my best to parent from prison.

Being a parent is probably the most difficult job in the world. You’re almost always secondguessing yourself, wondering if you’re doing this and that right. Being a parent in prison is even more confusing. You rarely get to see your child, so it’s hard to build a relationship, and you feel a heavy burden of guilt.

Missing Those ‘First Times’

I was incarcerated when my daughter was born, so I didn’t get to witness … Read More

‘I Love You, I’m Sorry’- I’m better off alone than with someone who hurts me.

When I was little, I loved to watch my mom around the house: the way she folded our clothes with her gentle hands, the way her hair smelled when she was next to me. It was asmell of warmth like no other.

My mother never shared her dreams, but we knew her talents: hairdressing, making clothes, knitting, and the most beautiful, singing. As I got older, I realized how many sacrifices my … Read More

Not a Baby Anymore- My daughter’s tantrums were a sign that I needed to let her grow up.

My daughter, Lydia, had some very serious problems when she started the second grade. School was never too smooth for her, so on the first day this year I was encouraging her, saying, “This year is a new year for you.” I had high hopes.

A Difficult First Day

I dressed Lydia in her uniform-yellow tights with a blue jumper and a long sleeve yellow shirt. She didn’t want to put on her blue … Read More