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A Family Again – With support, my wife and I recovered from her addiction.

art by Thaynia Waldron

I took my wife to the hospital because she was having contractions. It was early for her to be in labor, so the doctor did all kinds of lab tests. When he came back with the results, he told us that she had tested positive for meth.

I was so shocked and hurt. I couldn’t believe it.

Sandra denied that she was using meth. But I started to put two and two … Read More

I Was Scared of CPS, But the Workers Listened to Me

The day before my wife gave birth to our youngest child, I found out that she was using crystal meth. I was so shocked and hurt. But I realized that it made sense. My wife had become so different than when we’d met. All we seemed to do anymore was argue.

When my wife gave birth, child protective services (CPS) told us we could not bring the baby home from the hospital … Read More

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