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Coronavirus Impact on Parents

Rise is working to uplift parents’ voices and advocate for parents’ needs. Please share your experience with Rise. NYC parents can also join our weekly online support groups led by Rise parent leaders and NYC parent advocates.

How to Access NYC Early Representation: Legal Support for Parents During an Investigation or Family Crisis

If CPS has been called on you or if you are worried a report may be made, you can call these organizations for legal representation during an investigation. All of the parent defense organizations have early defense teams that can assist parents, try to prevent an ACS case, and provide information so parents know their rights and understand the process.

Bronx: The Bronx DefendersIf ACS was called on you, if ACS contacts you, if or you … Read More

Rise’s Response to ACS’ Foster Care and Residential Services Concept Paper

In October, NYC’s child welfare agency, the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), released a concept paper on foster care and residential services, outlining its “vision for family foster care and residential foster care services for children and families across New York City.”

Rise offered feedback on this concept paper. Our comments reflect the input of parents who contribute to Rise and who work in the field as parent advocates in foster care and legal agencies. … Read More

‘Children’s Behavior Is a Communication’

Ana Rodriguez-Betancourt is a child-parent psychotherapist in New Jersey. We reached out to her because our children had gone through difficult experiences, from bullying, to witnessing domestic violence, to foster care. Our children also had been given diagnoses, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

We wanted to better understand what was behind some of our children’s emotional and behavior struggles. We also wanted to know how to show them that we cared about their feelings while setting limits when their behavior wasn’t OK. Here’s how Rodriguez-Betancourt broke it down.

Rise Testimony, NY State Assembly Hearing on Family Involvement in the Child Welfare and Family Court Systems

Nancy Fortunato, Senior Parent Leader, and Jeanette Vega, Training Director at Rise, submitted written testimony to the NY State Assembly Committee on Children and Families and the Task Force on Women’s Issues as part of a public hearing in Albany, NY, November 21, 2019.

“At the city and state level, affected communities and parents should guide decisions about how to use available funds to best meet the needs of our communities and families.”