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Rise & Shine Parent Leadership Program Updates

The Rise & Shine Parent Leadership Program supports parents impacted by ACS in becoming powerful leaders to make change. During the 2022 Rise & Shine graduation in June, we celebrated six graduating parents who shared their stories, poems and experiences in the program. We are excited to continue sharing their writing and reflections about the Rise & Shine Program! Here, you can read the 2022 program report and graduate poems, view the graduation recording and learn about upcoming Rise & Shine open house information sessions.

The Rise & Shine Buddy System: ‘Everyone needs a good buddy!’

During a community-building workshop early on in the Rise & Shine Parent Leadership Program, we did a group activity where we spun around in circles until we were informed to stop. We were told that when we stopped, the person we were facing would be our buddy.  I am usually guarded, have a wall up and do not prefer activities like these—but I was hoping for the best. 

Congratulations 2022 Rise & Shine Graduates!

Join us in person or via Facebook Live to celebrate the 2022 Rise & Shine Parent Leadership Program Graduates!  During the ceremony, you’ll hear more about the program and graduating parents will share their experiences, stories and poems. We look forward to celebrating with you!