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Community Conversation for Parent Advocates

Community Conversation for NYC Parent Advocates

Who: NYC Parent Advocates who are parents impacted by ACS

What: Parents at Rise are conducting a participatory action research project. We’d like to hear from you about your experience with the child welfare system.

When: Tuesday, January 19th, 4-6 pm

Where: This Community Conversation will take place by Zoom.

RSVP to Halimah Washington, Rise Community Coordinator at

Rise Staff Learn to Deepen Our Restorative Justice Practice

Rise staff recently participated in a Restorative Justice and Circle Keeper training led by Ashley Ellis, Co-founder and Lead Trainer of the B.R.E.A.T.H.E Collective. The 3-day Introduction to Restorative Justice and Circle Keeping prepared Rise’s Participatory Action Research (PAR) team to facilitate peacemaking circles with other impacted parents in their community. Parents learned the fundamental elements of circles including ritual, storytelling, creating safe space, establishing shared values, building relationships and trust and consensus decision-making. The training focused on the … Read More

‘Your History Is Not Destiny’

Most parents who were abused do not harm their kids.

Although people often talk about “breaking the cycle of abuse,” studies show that most parents who were physically abused as children do not grow up to physically abuse their children, says Katherine Pears, a research scientist at the Oregon Social Learning Center. Here she explains the research on abuse and parenting:

That’s a notion in people’s heads that if you haven’t had a good model of … Read More