Rise Has A New Mission Statement!

Rise is excited to announce an updated mission that reflects our work and focus after a convening of the Rise team. As part of this, we convened to review our current mission statement and ensure it reflects our current work and focus. 

Our new mission statement is: Rise empowers parents to be leaders and to create communities that invest in families and offer collective care, healing and support.

Rise continues to hold fast to a future vision of communities that are free from injustice, separation, and a society that is cultivating new ways of preventing and addressing harm. We imagine a radical commitment to ensuring that all families have what they need to live beyond survival and truly thrive. This new mission does not change that and it reflects the focus of Rise’s current work towards that ultimate vision.

Through our peer supporters, Rise and Shine, and Parents’ Platform programs, we directly offer parents training and knowledge on how to advocate for policies and systems of support that eradicate community conditions that are causing families hardship. Through our Parent Advocates program, we train impacted parents to work within foster agency settings as parent advocates to help parents navigate the system  and reunify families faster. 

Our programs give parents knowledge and the tools to navigate and advocate for themselves. We give parents peer-to-peer support to avoid child welfare involvement and begin reducing State Central Registry calls. Rise’s new mission reflects our current focus on creating the support networks parents want, need, and deserve.

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