Join Rise in Developing a Parents’ Platform: Sign up for a Community Conversation!

We are excited to invite NYC parents impacted by the family regulation system (child welfare system) to join Rise in building a Parents’ Platform! 

Participatory Action Research Project to Develop a Parents’ Platform

As parents impacted by the child welfare system, we are developing a Parents’ Platform to amplify the experiences of families targeted, surveilled and separated by ACS and to advocate for real community-based support.  

Through a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project, we are growing a shared understanding of what supports exist in communities — outside of ACS. We are beginning to imagine what real support for families looks like. The PAR project will inform and shape the Parents’ Platform. 

Participatory Action Research is done by those most impacted by the issue they are doing research about. Our PAR team members are parents directly impacted by the child welfare system. 

As part of the PAR project, we are hosting a series of Community Conversations and conducting a survey for NYC parents impacted by ACS to share your experiences and thoughts on the root causes of family stress and systems involvement in your communities. We are asking parents to identify common problems and share current solutions. 

We are seeking to collectively reimagine how communities that are now under stress and vulnerable to child welfare involvement can become empowered with mechanisms of their own to prevent and address issues currently addressed by state interventions.

Join Us for a Community Conversation: Re-Imagining Community Support

Community Conversations will be held via Zoom on the following dates/times:

To participate in a Community Conversation, please complete the brief sign-up form.

Note: You will be provided with an informed consent form and asked to review and sign the forms before participating. 

>> To learn more, read Rise Community Conversations: A Space of Re-Imagining.

Complete the Survey

This survey of NYC parents impacted by the child welfare system is being conducted by Rise, in partnership with TakeRoot Justice.

We want to hear from you about your experiences with the child welfare system and about the ways you imagine community care can and should work. 

Learn more and complete the survey. 

Note: You can complete the survey even if you do not participate in a Community Conversation. 

Meet the Rise PAR Team

  • Bianca Shaw, Assistant Director for Programs and Culture
  • Halimah Washington, Community Coordinator
  • Imani Worthy, Parent Leader
  • Melissa Landrau, Contributor
  • Naashia B, Contributor
  • Shamara Kelly, Contributor
  • Yvonne Smith, Contributor