Rise Celebrates First Parent Advocate Core Training Graduation

Congratulations to the first graduates of the Rise Core Training for Parent Advocates! 

The program ran from October 2020 through January 2021 and provided training for parent advocates working in NYC preventive agencies.

Training workshops addressed:

  • The power of parent advocates and the history of the parent advocacy movement; 
  • The history of child welfare; 
  • Trauma, toxic stress and self care;
  • Restorative Justice circle keeping practice. 

Advocates were trained to use Rise TIPS as a tool to build relationships with parents and hold difficult conversations, as well as to train parents to negotiate and advocate for themselves. 

The Core training also included a writing and public speaking workshop series. In this series, advocates:

  • Reflected on and discussed their relationships and values;
  • Held circle and partner discussions and wrote to reflect on what support means and looks like in practice, and explore their vision for families and their community;  
  • Created flyers to introduce themselves as advocates and share their role; 
  • Practiced effective communication skills to navigate difficult situations at work; 
  • Developed “toolkits” for taking care of ourselves and others.

Core Training Graduates January 2021

  • Alicia Jimenez, Parent Advocate, Good Shepherd Services
  • Ambara Morton, Family Health Worker / Outreach Specialist, GABI
  • Diana Ramirez, Parent Advocate, Astor Services for Children and Families
  • Elliott Williams, Parent Advocate, CHDFS 
  • Evelyn Siguenza, Parent Advocate, CAMBA
  • Felicia Alleyne, Independent Support Broker for OPWDD Self Direction Program
  • Gilmariana Tossas, Parent Advocate, Good Shepherd Services
  • Godfrey McNeil, Family Health Worker, GABI
  • James Barnwell, Parent Advocate, The Children’s Village
  • Leatha Jennings, Parent Advocate, Forestdale, Inc.
  • Marisol Aquino, Parent Advocate, Good Shepherd Services
  • Nakisha Oliver, Parent Advocate, Graham
  • Sarah Ocasio, Family Health Worker, GABI
  • Teyora Graves, Parent Advocate, Center Family Representation 
  • Tonya Roberts, Family Health Worker, GABI
  • Wanda Tyson, Parent Advocate, Graham

Rise offers Parent Advocates bi-monthly support circles and is excited for Core graduates to continue to be part of the Rise community. 

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Flyers Created by Core Graduates

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