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Rise & Shine Graduation 2021

Join Rise to celebrate our class of 2021 graduates from our Rise & Shine Parent Leadership Program! Hear parents’ experience with the family policing system, their vision for strong and safe communities and what you can do to support our parent-led movement.

Know Your Rights: State Central Register

Rise and MLS offered this Facebook event on December 16, 2020 for parents, parent advocates and community members to learn about the SCR. The information in the presentation can help people to clear their records so they can get meaningful work.

Imani’s Testimony to City Council

At a NYC City Council General Welfare Committee hearing on racial disparities in child welfare on Oct. 28, parents – including Rise’s Jeanette Vega and Imani Worthy – and advocates citywide testified about urgent adjustments and broad shifts to reduce the reach and harm of child welfare. Here is Imani’s testimony, and video where Imani shares her full story:

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>> Read Rise’s written testimony to City Council

Sept 29, 2020

Rise’s Theory … Read More