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Alive, Sober and Sorry – I want my children to know me but my family told them that I’m dead.

Illustration by Elizabeth Deegan

I was 9 years old when I started getting drunk. I would sit in my friend’s house in her brother’s room where the walls were black and the lights were black and everything glowed in the dark. It was 1969. As she played slow music I’d drink Mad Dog 20-20 and cry because the pain I felt was overwhelming.

I cried because my first memories were of getting hit by my … Read More

Life After TPR – New laws give some families a second chance.

Illustration by Tamika Ono-Knight

Under federal law, parents typically have only 15 months to prove that they can safely reunify with their children. For parents struggling with addiction, that’s a short time to break the cycle of relapse and recovery. Yet research shows that children in foster care do better when they have parents or other biological family members in their lives. Here, LaShanda Taylor, associate professor of law at the University of the … Read More

Letting My Sister Go – I’m afraid for my sister but I can’t help her.

Illustration by James Faber

My little sister Jasmin has put me through hell. My love for her will never change, but her addiction angers me and hurts me. I want to protect her but I also feel like I have to protect my children and myself.

Jasmin and I grew up together. Jasmin got everything she wanted and she never got hit. My mom hit and kicked me every day, and … Read More

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