Legal Rights and Information

Investigations, Early Legal Representation and Preventing CPS Involvement

How to Access NYC Early Legal Representation for Parents During an Investigation or Family Crisis

Your Rights During an Investigation—And How to Use Them

Know Your Rights: Handling an Investigation — Information on the difference between abuse and neglect (video)

Know Your Rights: Handling an Investigation — Information on the investigation process, tips and your rights (video)

How Early Legal Representation Can Protect Families

Protecting Families from Poverty—and CPS: How Early Legal Representation is Working in New Jersey

A Parent’s Ally: Providing “A Bridge” for Parents in Early Legal Representation

The Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting While Poor

‘I Was Scared for Anyone to Know I Was Pregnant’ – How to Protect Against Removal at Birth

Reducing the Risk – Mothers in foster care need to know what’s in their case file and address risks.

Parental Designation: A Way of Planning for the Expected and Unexpected

Handling Your Case / Getting to Reunfication

Case Control — Your rights in service planning

Critical Planning — Good communication and the right services are key to reunification

Don’t Battle Alone – It’s important to show the court that you have people on your team

On the Right Track

Fostering Connections (relationship with foster parents)

How Holistic Legal Representation Supports Reunification

How to Prevent Termination

Visiting Hours

Filing an Appeal

‘We had to see it through for my niece, my sister, our family’: How Amber Wilkes-Smith filed an appeal to try to keep her family together

Domestic Violence

An Obligation to Protect

Beyond Shame and Denial: Keeping your kids safe from domestic violence

Early Intervention

Child Support — Early intervention can help your baby grow


Advocating for Your Children

School Choice

What Parents Need to Know: School Reports to CPS, Communicating with the School, and Advocating for Your Child


Burden of Proof: Fathers must take responsibility to earn their rights

Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing

On the Case – Parents’ rights and responsibilities seeking drug treatment

Protecting Your Privacy – How to work with your lawyer to keep therapy as confidential as possible.

Part of the Team

Sexual Abuse

A Responsibility to Report – What to do if your child reveals sexual abuse

Suing the System

How to Sue the System

State Central Registry (New York)

Clearing Your Name After an Investigation: How to Seal and Amend Your Record

Know Your Rights: State Central Register – Rise and Manhattan Legal Services Facebook Live (video)

Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)

What Is TPR?

3 legal options to consider when facing termination of parental rights

Life After TPR

The Devil’s In the Details: What parents need to know about post-adoption contact

>> See Rise’s series, Fighting for Our Rights, for additional interviews, articles and personal essays about parents’ legal rights and representation, as well as related legislation.

>> The Your Family, Your Rights site by Brooklyn Defenders Services is for parents/caretakers who are being investigated by New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). Here you will find information about your rights, how to navigate an investigation and how to advocate for your family.

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