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Breaking the Chain – Building a calm, safe home for my son.

Translated from Spanish.

When my son Dylan was 2, his father and I separated. I had to confront the reality that we weren’t coming together as parents, but instead were arguing and screaming at each other. At times he would even shove me or grab me by the arm.

It was very hard to make a decision to leave. I knew it would be sad for Dylan not to live with his father. But I also didn’t … Read More

Separate But Happy – I confused loneliness with love, but I recognized abuse.

Illustration by Asiah Ajibabi

When I met Rene, I don’t know what I saw in him because physically he wasn’t too handsome. I think it was his character, his aggressiveness, which later on was what made me leave.

I met Rene at work and got close to him by asking him to help me. He started saying to me, “You owe me a lot.” “I’ll pay you back,” I told him. “But not with money,” … Read More

Rompiendo la Cadena – Construyendo un hogar tranquilo y seguro para mi hijo.

Cuando mi hijo Dylan cumplió casi dos años su padre y yo nos separamos. Tenía que enfrentar la realidad de que no nos acercábamos como padres, al contrario, nos gritábamos y discutíamos. El incluso me empujaba a veces o me agarraba fuerte por el brazo.

Me fue muy difícil tomar la decisión de salir de mi relación. Supe lo difícil que iba ser para Dylan no vivir en la misma casa con su padre; pero tampoco … Read More

Far From Home – I needed help that my family couldn’t give me.

Translated from Spanish.

Two years after my son was born, I decided I couldn’t continue my relationship with his father and we separated. I was sad and confused, but Rene and I were arguing all the time and I knew ending it would be the best for my son and me. I said to myself, “Don’t confuse a fear of loneliness with love.”

It was one of the most difficult moments in my life, especially … Read More

Lejos de Casa – Necesitaba apoyo que mi familia no me podía dar.

arte por Lennox Haye

Read the English translation.

Dos años después que nació mi hijo, no pude seguir con mi relación como pareja con su padre y vino una separación definitiva. Fue muy difícil tomar una decisión así. Estuve dolorida y confusa, con un montón de ideas pasándome por la mente, pero estuvimos discutiendo todo el tiempo y pensaba que la separación fue lo mejor para mi hijo y para mí. Sabía que venían … Read More

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