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Separate But Happy – I confused loneliness with love, but I recognized abuse.

Illustration by Asiah Ajibabi

When I met Rene, I don’t know what I saw in him because physically he wasn’t too handsome. I think it was his character, his aggressiveness, which later on was what made me leave.

I met Rene at work and got close to him by asking him to help me. He started saying to me, “You owe me a lot.” “I’ll pay you back,” I told him. “But not with money,” … Read More

‘Mommy’s Going Away for a While’ – I couldn’t change fast enough to bring my children home.

Illustration by Freddy Bruce

My son was 4 and my daughter was 2 when I decided to place them in foster care. At the time, I was living with an abusive man who terrified me. I had nowhere to live and no way to support them if I left my boyfriend, but I knew I needed to leave this man.

I was afraid that my children would have the same bad experiences as I’d had … Read More

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