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Peeling Back The Layers- Sometimes it’s hard to see the truth in domestic violence cases.

Friends to Fathers is a New York-based program that supports child welfare-affected fathers to become more accountable for their actionsand reunify with their families. My husband found support there when we were going through our child welfare case.

Derek Silvers, who was the director of the program when my husband went there, told us that the majority of referrals from child welfare are for domestic violence. But, he says, what’s really going … Read More

Careful What You Ask For- New Jersey State Supreme Court to hear appeal of mom who lost custody when she sought help for her disabled children.

Judgment Day- When my family was in crisis, I needed someone to help me think.

A year ago, New York City Children’s Services (ACS) asked my husband and me to come to their office with our children. At that point, myfamily already had been through a 60-day investigation. Now we had to attend a Child Safety Conference.

The goal of these conferences is to reach an agreement about a plan that protects your children, whether that means that your children enter foster care, stay with kin, or … Read More

Like Family- I get help when I’m in crisis—so I can keep my daughters.

Last October my boyfriend and I had our small wedding ceremony at City Hall. We already had a baby girl, Emma, and I was close to delivering number two. My mother came to stay with us for the weekend, and at one point she went out to the store and didn’t return until about three hours later. It was clear that she’d been drinking, and I could smell the booze on her breath.

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