Series: Surveillance Isn’t Safety

Introduction: Surveillance Isn’t Safety

How Over-Reporting and CPS Monitoring Stress Families and Weaken Communities
Series edited by Rachel Blustain, Rise Contributing Editor

When Schools Over-Report
Series edited by Rachel Blustain, Rise Contributing Editor

Personal Essays

No Escape: The system failed me as a child but now it won’t leave me alone.
by Sarah Harris

The System Allowed My Ex to Use Investigations as a Weapon Against Me
by Lou H

A Punishment Worse than the Crime: I was charged with abuse but my kids were harmed in foster care.
by Shakira Paige

My Broken Life: My kids were never taken but child protective services hurt my son and me so much.
by Anonymous

We Just Needed Support: Instead, ACS tore us apart.
by Careena Farmer

Diplomacy and Determination: When I had a conflict with my son’s school, I was able to get what my family needed by being both respectful and strong.
by Anonymous

Interviews and Opinion

New Research: How Fear of CPS Harms Families
by Keyna Franklin and Careena Farmer

When Schools Use Child Welfare as a Weapon: What a reporter learned investigating malicious reports.
by Keyna Franklin

What Parents Need to Know: School Reports to CPS, Communicating with the School, and Advocating for Your Child
by Ray Watson, Shakira Paige, Sarah Harris and Keyna Franklin

How to Get School-Based Supports for Your Child
by Cynthia Zizola, Shakira Paige, Ray Watson, Keyna Franklin and Melissa Landrau

Reports are Down Overall, But Schools are Making False and Malicious Educational Neglect Reports

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