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Winning Him Back – My visits proved I was worth my son’s trust.

My baby’s father passed away when I was pregnant. After, I felt I had to block out everything I was feeling so I wouldn’t lose the baby. But I found out later that those feelings were still with me.

For three years, life was pretty uneventful for my son and me. We went to the park to feed the squirrels. We watched Sesame Street and Barney together. He would help me make dinner and we’d eat … Read More

A Time to Bond – How to make the most of your visits

Jacqueline Israel, a former parent advocate whose children spent six years in foster care, explains how to make the most of your visits:

1. Bring Toys and Games

When you visit at the agency, the room just isn’t a home environment. Bring games, coloring books, toys, crayons, and books to read to your child. You can even play soft music and bring a visiting blanket to play on the floor. If you’re not sure what the … Read More

Eat, Play, Love – Visits helped me become a good mother.

A sample story from the A Time To Bond workbook

When my daughter, Little Mama, was a year and a half, she was removed from home because my husband and I were using drugs. At our first visit, my husband and I were very anxious. I was scared that Little Mama would forget me, or would feel that I did not want her anymore.

Waiting in the hallway for our baby, we saw a Spanish man holding … Read More