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Eat, Play, Love – Visits helped me become a good mother.

A sample story from the A Time To Bond workbook

When my daughter, Little Mama, was a year and a half, she was removed from home because my husband and I were using drugs. At our first visit, my husband and I were very anxious. I was scared that Little Mama would forget me, or would feel that I did not want her anymore.

Waiting in the hallway for our baby, we saw a Spanish man holding … Read More

Closer Than Ever – I’m learning how to handle my children without getting high.

A sample story from the Time To Bond workbook

When I was 12, drugs became my way to numb out all the ugly feelings I had inside from being molested and being ignored by my mother, who always put men ahead of her children. Eventually I tried meth and became addicted. Those painful childhood memories, the ones that no one talks about, disappeared with meth.

My addiction escalated when I was about 25 and caring for my … Read More

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