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‘It Helps You Create That Special Bond’ – Two mothers explain how parent-child therapy helped them.

Kira Santana and Sara Werner are two mothers who have gone to parent-child therapy at the Albert Einstein Early Childhood Center’s Infant-Parent Project. Here they describe their experiences:

Sara: If you have the chance to come to this kind of parenting program, I would recommend it. Definitely.

Nobody forced me to come here. I chose to come. My caseworker said, “The program would be a good way for somebody to help you and your child learn to … Read More

Where to Find Parent-Child Therapy

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Early Childhood Center

Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) at Einstein Provides relationship-based parent-child therapies for children under 5, working with many families in the child welfare system and with many families affected by trauma. Also provides services for children under 5 with developmental concerns and their parents. Therapy models include: Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), and the Incredible Years. Referral required.

Contact Information
1731 Seminole Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461
Referrals to … Read More

Starting Strong – Parent-child therapy helps parents and children build a lasting bond.

Wendie Klapper, director of the Parent-Infant Center at Mt. Sinai-St. Luke’s, explains how therapy can help parents and very young children build a stronger relationship. Strengthening that bond early on, she says, can benefit children throughout their lives.

Q: What is Child-Parent Psychotherapy?

A: Child-Parent Psychotherapy is therapy for parents and their young children, ages 0-5. The parent and child meet with the therapist together, and the therapy focuses on how the parent and child interact, think … Read More

There Is Always a Way Forward – Therapy showed me I could build a better future for myself and my children.

When I started attending the Safe Mothers, Safe Children program at the ACS-NYU Children’s Trauma Institute, I felt like my past had completely destroyed me and my relationship with everyone.

As a child, I used to have to look down when an adult was talking to me. If I looked up, then I would get hit. My family called it disrespect. But when I became an adult, I felt disrespected by everyone, … Read More

Seen and Heard – I was able to listen to my son when I felt heard

Most parents whose children enter foster care have to take parenting classes in order to get their children back. I went to two parentingclasses that didn’t help before I found a program that worked for me.

The ones that didn’t help were the ones where the instructor read to us from a big parenting skills book or played old videos of moms trying to get their kids to listen. Then the instructor … Read More

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