Finding Support

All parents need places where they feel safe and supported. Many parents want help but fear opening up about their struggles and don’t know where to safely find support. If children are in foster care, parents may not know what services to ask for to help them heal. Parents write about the supports that have helped them feel safe, bond with their children, grow as people and parents, reunify with their children—and keep their children out of foster care.

Acknowledged – It helped me heal when child welfare officials said, ‘I’m sorry.’

When my oldest daughter was taken into foster care, I had to confess. I had to speak to people who thought the worst of me. I had to take responsibility for my actions even though I didn’t understand what I had done wrong.

What I’d done was encourage my young nieces, nephews, cousins and my boyfriend’s kids to experiment sexually during a game of Truth or Dare. Growing up, I was sexually abused so many times … Read More

Where to Find Parent-Child Therapy

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Early Childhood Center

Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) at Einstein Provides relationship-based parent-child therapies for children under 5, working with many families in the child welfare system and with many families affected by trauma. Also provides services for children under 5 with developmental concerns and their parents. Therapy models include: Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), and the Incredible Years. Referral required.

Contact Information
1731 Seminole Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461
Referrals to … Read More

Finding Our Way Home

When I was young, life with my mother was good. I used to love going to her job, playing and watching her work. We played little hand games like “thumb war” and “boom-boom clap-clap.” At day care, I didn’t want her to leave. She always knew how to make me feel good.

But as I got a little older, it seemed like my mom was always stressed out and depressed. She looked like a big cloud … Read More

‘We’re Here for You’ – Support and straight talk helped me trust my lawyer and her team.

On my first day in family court after my son was placed in foster care, I walked up to my court-appointed attorney, introduced myself andasked, “How can you help me?” He just stared me up and down. In court, he said nothing on my behalf. I was furious.

That day, I saw a woman zipping around the waiting area, talking to other women. She seemed to really care, so I asked her, “Are you a lawyer?” … Read More

All the Difference – My son’s new school has put him on the right path.

art by Terrence Taylor

This story is anonymous at the children’s request.

My son was all excited to start first grade. I hoped his transition from kindergarten would be easy. I worried because in nursery school he’d occasionally shown aggressive behavior. His teacher and school officials said, “He’s 5 years old. He will mature.”

But within a month of switching him from a private school to a class of 28 in our local public school, I … Read More