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‘Everybody Can See that I Came a Long Way’ – Despite my disability and painful childhood, I’m keeping myself and my daughter safe.

Interview with Ann Alarcon

I’ve come a long way. Everybody in my life can see that.

In my childhood, I was getting abused. It was neglect when I was young, and I was hit by a belt, a switch, anything they get their hands on. I had marks all over. When I was 4 or 5 I was in foster care. After I got home, it was the same. When I was … Read More

Rise Stories Strengthen Visit Coaching: ‘One of the Most Helpful Tools in My Job’

Robyn Hubbard, a Visit Coach for Salvation Army Children’s Services in Allentown, PA, wrote to Rise: “I serve parents whose children have been placed in foster care to help improve their experience of visits and to empower parents to meet the needs of their children. I found your magazine while researching Visit Coaching in other states. I have to say that your publication, representing the voices of parents who have experienced the child welfare system, has been one of … Read More

‘I Wouldn’t Be a Good Steward of This Agency If I Didn’t Have the Input of Parents and Youth’ -An interview with NYC Children’s Services Commissioner Gladys Carrión

Questions for this interview were developed by parents at Rise and at the Child Welfare Organizing Project (CWOP), a New York City parent advocacy organization. The interview was condensed and edited for publication.

Before I interviewed Gladys Carrión, the new commissioner of NYC Children’s Services, I was expecting generic answers to my questions. I expect people in power to not relate to, agree with, or even hear … Read More

Sugar Daddy- I saw myself as a provider, not a dealer.

It was July 1997, on a hot, humid day. All the neighborhood children were outside. Teenagers were playing in the fire hydrant spray to cool off. Younger girls were jumping rope and boys were playing handball. A few young men were playing stickball in the street.

My birthday was approaching and I had gone out the day before and bought bikes for my two children, Raven and Shai. I always liked … Read More

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