Rise Stories Strengthen Visit Coaching: ‘One of the Most Helpful Tools in My Job’

Robyn Hubbard, a Visit Coach for Salvation Army Children’s Services in Allentown, PA, wrote to Rise: “I serve parents whose children have been placed in foster care to help improve their experience of visits and to empower parents to meet the needs of their children. I found your magazine while researching Visit Coaching in other states. I have to say that your publication, representing the voices of parents who have experienced the child welfare system, has been one of the most helpful tools in my job. I not only read and share copies of issues with my families, but I also give homework to foster parents during trainings to increase their knowledge, understanding, and compassion for the families of the children they serve. They read one of the issues and answer questions designed to help them see what they have in common with the biological parents and to discover new ways to show valuable support to the children and their parents. It has been a favorite assignment! I want to thank you and all your wonderful contributors for the beautiful, insightful, honest writing in Rise. It is deeply appreciated by families and foster parents alike.”

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