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Building a World Where Everyone is Safe and in Their Power

Throughout our series on the intersection of family policing and domestic violence, Rise is exploring community-led, anti-carceral approaches to preventing violence, supporting healing and building safety. Malikah, based in Queens, New York, is a global grassroots network of women leaders who support each other and together remake their communities to be inclusive, safe and just. Here, Rana Abdelhamid, Founder of Malikah, discusses their work, which focuses on self-defense, healing justice, financial literacy and organizing. 

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Reflections on My Work as Part of the Rise Communications Team

Rise has changed and grown a lot over time. We started as a magazine and now have many different programs—the Rise & Shine Parent Leadership Program, Peer and Community Care Network, Parent Advocate Training Program, Organizing for our Parents’ Platform and our Communications Program. 

We’ve always had writing and public speaking programs, which are now part of the Communications Program—and our work has changed, too.

‘If I had access to child care, I wouldn’t have had an ACS case.’

If it was easy to get child care, many families wouldn’t get an ACS case or have to deal with the family policing system, because they wouldn’t have to leave their children at home. If I had access to child care, I never would have become involved with the family policing system. ACS became involved with my family when I left my younger kids with my 14-year-old child watching them when I went out for an appointment.

‘Our Leadership is an Extension of Our Values’: Getting to Know Rise Co-Executive Directors Jeanette Vega Brown and Bianca Shaw

In April, the Rise Advisory Board announced that it selected Jeanette Vega Brown and Bianca Shaw as the next leadership of Rise. Here, Jeanette Vega Brown and Bianca Shaw, now co-executive directors of Rise, tell us about who they are, how they got involved in the parent-led movement for family justice, their roles and vision for the organization and what is staying the same at Rise. They also discuss why it is meaningful for Rise to be led by two women of color, including a parent impacted by ACS.

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