Reflections on My Work as Part of the Rise Communications Team

Rise has changed and grown a lot over time. We started as a magazine and now have many different programs—the Rise & Shine Parent Leadership Program, Peer and Community Care Network, Parent Advocate Training Program, Organizing for our Parents’ Platform and our Communications Program

We’ve always had writing and public speaking programs, which are now part of the Communications Program—and our work has changed, too. For example, we went from paper magazines to online publications and our social media has grown because of the work we have been doing. Our Communications Team supports the other Rise programs by posting about their work on social media and developing flyers, presentations and reports.  

People want to hear what parents have to say about their experiences with the family policing system and to read their stories that we share in our newsletters, on our website and on social media. We publish parents’ stories, poems and creative writing, interview community and advocacy groups, post important information that people want to see and let our community know about what Rise is up to in our work. 

I learned that there are parents out in the world who really need our support in navigating the system. The Communication Team engages parents, letting them know that there is support in the community, providing information about their rights and how to navigate the system and showing them that there are other parents and families going through the same things they are experiencing. 

Being part of the Communications Team is meaningful because we can bounce ideas off each other and it works for us because if one of us doesn’t know something, another team member will find out about it or support you with getting what you need to do your work. We don’t only do work—we have fun, as well, and take time to get to know each other on a personal level. That’s what makes us a good team. 

I thought that I was going to stay in the same place I was at Rise, but I have grown a lot in this work and my role has changed. Now I can better support parents and families because I’ve been taking training that has shown me how to provide support and I’ve been learning about community resources and parents’ legal rights. Additionally, I now have better ways of connecting and communicating with parents through my work. I also started the Rise staff book club and we’ve read two books together this year—strengthening our knowledge, learning about resources and creating space for team building.

I’m moving into a new position with the Communications Team—Writing and Public Speaking Coordinator. My new role will include supporting the team with preparing for presentations and writing scripts and facilitating public speaking workshops for the Rise & Shine Program and Parent Advocate Training Program. I will also continue to co-facilitate the writing workshops and book club. What I’m most excited about in my new role is that now I get to work even more closely with parents, supporting them with getting the word out to the world. 

Parents impacted by family policing can complete our ‘get involved’ form and we will keep you updated and send you information about all our upcoming events and trainings. If there is anything you want to read about from Rise, email the Communications Team ( and we will try our best to get you the information!

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