Coronavirus Impact on Parents

You are not alone.

Please share your experience with Rise. We are working to uplift parents’ voices and advocate for parents’ needs.

Coronavirus and social distancing are putting stress on families and communities, and affecting parents with child welfare system involvement. Rise is dedicated to building the power of parents affected by the child welfare system. As parents, the Rise team is here for you. If you are a parent with a child in foster care or in preventive services or living in the shelter system and coronavirus is impacting your situation, Rise wants to hear from you.

Please complete this brief form so that we can learn from you and connect with you about getting involved.

The responses you provide will inform Rise’s work to support our community, uplift parents’ voices, and advocate for parents’ needs with child welfare leadership during this difficult time. 

Please note that Rise is not able to work on individual cases. We are gathering information to learn about parents’ issues and needs so that we can advocate for impacted parents broadly.