Stories for Parents Under Stress


  • Act Now, Pay LaterWhen my son entered foster care, I couldn’t think, plan, or stay calm.
    by Jeanette Vega
  • Home Safe HomeI’m looking for supportive housing for my son and me.
    by Sara Werner
  • Mommy TimeI had to change for my children’s sake.
    by Melissa Landrau
  • Breaking the Chain (English and Spanish) – Building a calm, safe home for my son.
    by Evelyn Salazar
  • Sick and Tired I needed respite and support but instead I lost my son.
    by Carla Burks
  • Child Left BehindMy son fell apart in a stressful school environment.
    by Piazadora Footman
  • TrappedI know what my son and I need but I can’t afford it.
    by Jasmin Gonzalez


  • When Stress Is ToxicBringing the science of child development into child welfare.
    by Jeanette Vega with Dominique Arrington and Sharkkarah Harrison
  • Do OverChanging as a parent takes courage and practice.
    by Youshell Williams


  • Rise TIPS: The Challenge of Change Under Stress
    Includes tools for handling toxic stress and trauma; coaching and support to reduce stress while making life changes and dealing with the child welfare system; and, tips for finding service providers where you feel safe.
  • Rise TIPS: Fight or Flight
    Explains trauma and the pain that can come up in visits – and how you can cope.
  • Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Children
    Stories about parenting by parents affected by the child welfare system. Includes information about using this booklet in parenting classes and support groups.