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Peer Support Circle (Zoom Event)

If you have or had a child welfare or preventive case in New York City, we welcome you to join Rise’s online weekly peer support circles. The support circle is a space to connect with other parents with similar experiences and share resources and information.

Through restorative justice circles processes, we can discuss our experiences and challenges as parents and support one another. We will also share information about upcoming Rise trainings and events and how to … Read More

A new bill would allow opioid-addicted parents to get help without losing their children

I started smoking crack in 1980 after I was hit by a drunk driver and became disabled. That was a real trauma for me.

After the accident, I was ashamed of my body. The damage to my hip caused me to walk with a severe limp. I just wanted to hide. Crack helped me do that.

Because of my addiction, my two middle children were placed in the child welfare system for three years. My youngest child … Read More

Mothers share post-adoption grief

The grief parents suffer when they lose children to foster care and adoption is “invisible and often goes unacknowledged,” explains Toronto-based social worker Kathleen Kenny and parent advocate Sheryl Jarvis, who run a 15-week support group for women who use drugs and have experienced having one or more children removed or adopted.

Q: How would you compare the grief of a parent who loses a child to adoption to a parent whose child dies?

Jarvis: When a child … Read More

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