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The 5 Protective Factors

Below are qualities in parents that have been shown to help keep children safe:

Resilience: Most simply, this means that when you hit tough times, you are able to bounce back and keep moving forward.

Social Connections: Research shows that it’s easier to handle parenting challenges when you have positive relationships with family, friends and others.

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development: There’s no such thing as a perfect parent, but when you have a basic understanding of … Read More

Out in Front — When my family was investigated, I was terrified but I took charge

It was August 2, 2010, 10:30 p.m. It was hot and my two children were dirty and sweaty from playing outside.

I was running their bath when the doorbell rang. My 10-year-old son ran to the door, then quickly ran back to the bathroom. “Mommy! Mommy! Child protective services is at the door.”

“That isn’t even funny to joke about,” I said. “No, Mom, really, they are,” he said. My heart pounded.

As … Read More

Bad Break — What to do when doctors accuse you of child abuse

When my daughter and her husband were accused of child abuse, we felt lost in darkness. But light came on social media from other families who shared advice and encouragement, while the attorneys and medical professionals who helped were the brightest lights. Here, Seattle-based lawyer Heather Kirkwood, who represents parents pro bono in medical cases, suggests steps parents can take.

Q: What can parents do to prove they haven’t abused their child?

Kirkwood: Get the best lawyer … Read More

Changing the Frame — How parents and investigators can focus on family strengths


During a family crisis or investigation, it can be hard to believe you have strengths. Investigations, by their nature, make parents feel attacked and ashamed. But all parents have strengths, and being able to show investigators what’s positive about you and your family is incredibly important. Investigators need a full picture of families’ “protective factors,” because those factors have been shown to help keep children safe.

Here Corey Best, a … Read More

Investigations Can Make Children Less Safe – When poor parents feel like we have to hide our struggles, children suffer

I have a friend who recently gave birth and struggles with simple things, like having enough money for Pampers or WIC lasting the month. Because I have worked as a parent advocate, I know about resources for low-income families. I told her about a program that offers Pampers monthly for free, but she denied the help. She said they might call child protective services on her.

I said, “They won’t. They just assist with Pampers.” But … Read More

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