Rise reports on the child welfare system with a goal of highlighting efforts to improve policies and practice and spotlighting effective practices.

‘What Did I Do That They Took Me From You?’ – My son’s time in care left him feeling like there was something wrong with him.

Illustration by YC

My son came home from two years in foster care a scared, angry and confused 6-year-old. I kept telling myself that his fear, anger and confusion would all go away when life was “normal” again, but life never really got normal for us.

Lies and Stealing

I had already successfully raised three children when my youngest son was born. But my son’s father died unexpectedly when I was pregnant with my son, and … Read More

Standing in Your Child’s Shoes – How to meet your child’s needs during visits.

Illustration by Ogen Dolma

Visit Coaching supports parents in planning fun visits that help them bond with their children. Here Marty Beyer, who developed Visit Coaching, explains how parents can make the most of family time while their children are in foster care:

One of the most important things for a parent to do during visits is to stand in the child’s shoes. Imagine what it’s like for your child to be separated from you … Read More

Rompiendo la Cadena – Construyendo un hogar tranquilo y seguro para mi hijo.

Cuando mi hijo Dylan cumplió casi dos años su padre y yo nos separamos. Tenía que enfrentar la realidad de que no nos acercábamos como padres, al contrario, nos gritábamos y discutíamos. El incluso me empujaba a veces o me agarraba fuerte por el brazo.

Me fue muy difícil tomar la decisión de salir de mi relación. Supe lo difícil que iba ser para Dylan no vivir en la misma casa con su padre; pero tampoco … Read More

How does child welfare funding work? – Understanding the Family Stability and Kinship Care Act

If you’re a parent reading Rise, chances are you’ve been affected by the child welfare system. But do you know how child welfare gets funded, or how that funding affects you as a parent?

Right now a new bill before Congress could dramatically change the way child welfare is funded, and make a lot more money available for preventive services. As parents affected by the child-welfare system, it’s important to understand how … Read More

Hearing from Families – Parents testify in Congress about preventive supports

On Aug. 4, the executive director of the Child Welfare Organizing Project, Sandra Killett, a parent activist in New York City and mother whose son was placed in foster care, and Rosalina Burton, an intern with FosterClub and a former foster youth from California, testified before the Senate Finance Committee about a bill, The Family Stability and Kinship Care Act, that would increase federal funding for preventive services. (Click here to watch their … Read More