Handling an Investigation

Know Your Rights, Part 1: Information on the difference between abuse and neglect
Know Your Rights, Part 2 : Information about the investigation process, tips, and your rights

Legal Rights

The legal rights resources in this section focus on New York City and State. The American Bar Association website has state-specific “Know Your Rights” guides for parents who have had their children removed from their home.

  • How to Access NYC Early Representation: Legal Support for Parents During an Investigation or Family Crisis
    If CPS has been called on you or if you are worried a report may be made, there are organizations you can call for legal representation during an investigation. All of the NYC parent defense organizations have early defense teams that can assist parents, try to prevent an ACS case, and provide information so parents know their rights and understand the process.

Issues, Guides and Series

  • Facing an Investigation: This issue offers guidance from parents and professionals on handling an investigation.

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