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‘A Child’s Whole Sense of Security Is Shaken’ – What families need when children come home from foster care

Illustration by Melanie Leong

Arietta Slade, City University of New York professor of clinical psychology and co-director of Minding the Baby, a mother-infant program at the Yale Child Study Center, describes the impact that removal can have on children and parents and the support they need to reconnect:

Q: How does placement in foster care affect children?

A: You want to think about it like this: We survive by being connected to other people. It’s the … Read More

A Risky Bet- Placing teens in foster care can do more harm than good.

When parents are at their wit’s end, they sometimes think child welfare can do a better job controlling their teens than they can. Priti Kataria,director of the ACT Project (Adolescents Confronting Transition) for older youth at Lawyers For Children, cautions parents against voluntarily placing teens in foster care:

Sometimes parents decide to seek help from child welfare when they have seen their teen’s situation get worse and worse. The child is … Read More

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