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‘One Child Felt Like One Thousand’ – Better communication helped my son and me handle his ADHD.

What is ADHD? A few years ago I had no idea what that stood for (Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity) and had never heard of it. But I found out I had a beautiful little boy dealing with it.

Some days Alex was fine, what you might call a normal boy. Most days were hectic. One child felt like one thousand. He was all over the place, starting one thing and never finishing, just jumping to … Read More

Un Sólo Niño Me Parecía como Si Fuesen Miles – La terapia familiar ayudo a mi hijo con TDHD y a mi.

¿Que es TDHD (ADHD en Inglés)? Pocos años atrás, yo no tenia idea lo que significaba (Trastorno de Deficiencia en la Atención e Hiperactividad). Nunca lo había escuchado. Pero me di cuenta que mi pequeño niño estaba lidiando con esto.

Algunos días Alex se portaba bien, lo que uno consideraría un niño normal. Pero la mayoría de los días eran estresantes. Un sólo niño me parecía como si fuesen miles. Corría por todas partes, nunca terminaba … Read More

Dreams, Fights, Dates and Games- Step-parenting challenged me to become a stronger mom.

Angel was a single father of two and I was a single mother of two whenwe found each other three years ago. Angel and I were soul mates. Bringing our four children together was another story. I never, ever could have imagined what it would take to blend our families.

By the time Angel and I decided to unite our families, we had all visited one another many times and the kids … Read More

‘You Will Pull Through’- I came out stronger as a parent after a painful split.

When I was growing up, I learned about different styles of parenting by comparing other parents to mine. When I became a babysitter as a teen, I saw that in some homes, things ran on schedule, with clear bedtimes and meal times. I liked that. Later, as an adult, I liked that my day at my job was organized, so with my children I began scheduling a daily routine.

I also found … Read More

‘I Love You, I’m Sorry’- I’m better off alone than with someone who hurts me.

When I was little, I loved to watch my mom around the house: the way she folded our clothes with her gentle hands, the way her hair smelled when she was next to me. It was asmell of warmth like no other.

My mother never shared her dreams, but we knew her talents: hairdressing, making clothes, knitting, and the most beautiful, singing. As I got older, I realized how many sacrifices my … Read More

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