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To Bathe in Gold – I try to see the good in my son and in me.

My son is very bright and handsome. But instead of using all his gifts to shine, instead he slumps when he walks. He coasts in school. Hisgrades drop, then he studies a bit to catch up, then again his grades drop because he gets bored.

He is constantly entangled with his teachers, who he says are stupid.

At times, my son’s scorn turns on me, too.

When we first went … Read More

The Company of Women – Support groups and art therapy help me heal.

In the village of my childhood in Transylvania, Romania, we had sezatori, gatherings of young women who would work together on their trousseaux during white snow winters. Girls gathered in candle-lit rooms and worked together, crocheting fine lace, spinning wool. They would embroider white blouses with white silk thread. Can you imagine? White on white in candlelight.

It was a world of women. In my remembrance it was a warm, safe, cocoon … Read More

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