Rise Rallies to Oppose NYC’s Plans to Expand ACS-Led Family Enrichment Centers

On August 13, Rise rallied at City Hall to oppose the city’s plans to expand ACS-led family enrichment centers (FECs) from three to 30 sites. As parents have documented and research shows, tying supports to service providers associated with the family policing system (ACS) discourages parents from accessing resources or speaking openly about their families’ needs. 

Speakers Halimah Washington, Rise community coordinator, and Imani Worthy, Rise public speaking coordinator, read statements by Keyna Franklin, Rise assistant editor, and Lindsay Reilly, Rise contributor and Rise & Shine graduate,  parents directly impacted by ACS. Their statements opposed FEC expansion and called for real community-led peer support networks and community centers not funded or overseen by ACS. 

>> View the rally recording on Facebook. 
>> Read NYN Media’s coverage of the rally: Parents, advocates rally against expansion of family enrichment centers.
>> Learn more about Rise opposition to FEC expansion by reading our op-ed and parent testimony to the New York City Council Committee on General Welfare. 

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