Rise’s Vision and Calls to Action 2020

Rise shared its vision, current projects and calls to action for our community to get involved on Sept. 29 through a webinar.

Watch below if you missed it, and feel free to share in your networks to build the movement to dismantle child welfare systems and create communities that invest in families and offer collective care, healing and support.

Sept 29, 2020

Rise’s Theory of Change

Rise’s programs contribute to four pillars of abolitionist advocacy and innovation

Calls to Action for Rise Programs 2020 and Shared Resources

  • Are you a parent that has been impacted by ACS and interested in building a strong foundation to become a powerful leader to make change. To apply to the Rise & Shine Parent Leadership program, email Teresa Bachiller: Teresa@risemagazine.org
  • Are you a member of an organization that works with parents? We are hoping you can think about the parents you are working with and refer eligible parents to our upcoming Rise & Shine 2021.We appreciate your help with recruitment.

Parent Advocate Pathways

  • If you are part of a community organization that is interested in building up the capacity of parents in your community to provide peer support to parents on child welfare issues, contact jeanette@risemagazine.org
  • If you are a parent advocate at a preventive agency–or a preventive agency that has hired new parent advocates–and would like advocate training through Rise, email Jeanette as well: jeanette@risemagazine.org
  • Parent Community Support Group: If you have a child welfare case or preventive case in NYC and want to connect with other parents with similar experiences and learn how to navigate or negotiate to end your case, join our support group. 

Parents Platform to Prevent System Involvement

  • Parent’s Platform/PAR Project: If you are a parent or know parents who would be interested in sharing their experience with our PAR Team, you can either contact halimah@risemagazine.org or complete the “Get Involved” form on our website
  • Community Conversation: If you are a member of an organization that works with parents/families and would like to co-host a community conversation, contact halimah@risemagazine.org 
  • Dismantling Family Regulation Resources: If you are interested in learning more about dismantling the family regulation system, please see our list of resources related to abolition and follow Rise on social media, where we share resources from many allies and teachers.

Storytelling, Reporting and Advocacy

  • Support HR 7976: Proposed federal legislation to suspend the ASFA timeline during COVID. Learn more and call 202-224-3121 to connect with your representative to ask them to to support the bill, HR 7976: 
  • Support S5572: Proposed in the NY State Senate to replace anonymous child abuse and neglect reporting with confidential reporting. Learn more and reach out to your elected officials, State Senator Montgomery — the sponsor of the bill and the Senate Committee on Children and Families in support of the bill. 
  • Support: Bills introduced to City Council by the Progressive Caucus that would protect families during investigations. Learn more here

 Resources Shared in the Chat

About Early Legal Defense:

  • Nationwide Black Family Mediation, LLC: Thank you to Lois Glenn-Carter for sharing this amazing resource, which offers 24/7 access to Legal Service for the prevention of ACS / CPS encounters.  If you are interested please reach out www.blackfamilymediation.com or 724-237-5236, myfamilyadvocate2020@gmail.com 
  • Bronx Defenders: Thanks to Miriam Mack for sharing this resource. If you are facing an ACS investigation in the Bronx and would like support, or know anyone who is in need of support, please feel free to reach out to the Bronx Defenders Early Defense Project. You can call 347-778-1266!

About Parent Advocacy and Resources for Parents outside of NYC

  • National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls
  • Families Organized for Child Welfare Justice in Chicago
  • DHS Give Us Back Our Children in Philadelphia
  • Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of New Jersey
  • Statewide Parent Advocacy Network in Washington State
  • Morrison Parenting Mentoring Program in Oregon
  • Rise Parent Advocacy Issue 

If you have resources to share with the community that joined our webinar, please email info@risemagazine.org and we will follow up to share further information. 

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