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‘She’s Still Your Mother’ – I am angry at my sister but my nieces need her love.

Eight years ago I became a foster mother to my two nieces, ages 10 and 5. My sister was on drugs and lost her daughters to foster care.

First the girls went to my mother, but my mother’s house was too crowded. Eventually, my mother called me and told me that the girls might end up with a foster family.

I was scared for my nieces. I asked my mother, “Do you think … Read More

Forever Family – My daughter’s foster mother is still part of our lives.

Illustration by Eric Green

In 1998 I was pregnant with my daughter when I was arrested for possession of crack cocaine. I was given a conditional release to go to a drug treatment program but for a long time I could not get it right. First I ran away from that program. Then, when I was let out on bail to give birth to my daughter, I purchased some crack while I … Read More

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