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Proposed Federal Legislation Would Suspend the ASFA Timeline, Not Parental Rights, During COVID-19

Recognizing the impact of the pandemic on families and the child welfare system, Representative Gwen Moore of Wisconsin proposed legislation to extend federal timelines for reunification without financial penalties to states. Here, Rep. Moore explains what the proposed bill would change, why it is important and how parents can support it.

‘It’s Crazy and It’s Torture’: These visiting restrictions are not to protect my sons

As long as we take all precautions, haven’t gone anywhere, check our temps every day and have no symptoms, why can’t I go see my son at placement? My sister is fostering him and wants me there. All of us want me there. We have all been super cautious because my brother-in-law is high risk. Still, the worker said no, and if we visited anyway, they would come take him to a stranger’s house. Then my son would be exposed to unknown people and would be more likely to get sick than if I was there with a mask. So I stay home. It’s ridiculous. It’s not to protect my son, it’s to protect their control over me and my family.

‘How do people get through unbelievable, harrowing difficulty?’ – An interview with author Andrew Solomon

National Book Award-winning author Andrew Solomon will speak at Rise’s annual benefit on October 19. Here he discusses his work, his own story and his connection to Rise.

Q: What do you see as the common theme across your work?

A: The theme that interests me the most is resilience: How do people achieve resilience? How do they manage to go through difficult circumstances and come out OK?

I’ve written on a broad range of subjects.With my book The … Read More

Rise Parent Leaders Deliver Keynote Address to ABA Parent Attorney Conference

Rise parent leaders Nancy Fortunato and Jeanette Vega presented to 400 attorneys at the American Bar Association conference for parent attorneys on April 25. Here is the text of their speech: 

Thank you for the opportunity to present about parents’ perspectives on family court.

The main thing we want you to hear today is that parents come into court feeling powerless. When our children are removed, we feel the ultimate in powerlessness.

To get our children back, we … Read More

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