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‘Maybe I’m Not Any Good’- Addiction can make it harder to leave an abusive relationship.

Domestic violence and addiction often go hand in hand. According tothe National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a 2002 Department of Justice report found that 1/3 of victims in domestic violence programs also had substance abuse problems and almost 2/3 of batterers also abused alcohol or drugs.

To better understand the connection between domestic violence and substance abuse, we interviewed Tracey Little, an MSW social worker and substance abuse counselor who has worked … Read More

Building a Bond – How to strengthen your connection to your baby

art by Amir Soliman

My son was taken from me straight from the hospital because he was born positive tox. At first, I saw him weekly with my older daughter, who was 7. I would whisper in his ear, “Mommy loves you, and you’re coming home soon.” He was so little I had to give him something that would help him connect to me.

But I felt very disconnected. So three times I asked for … Read More

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