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Fighting Back When Hospitals Misdiagnose Child Abuse

In March, the Houston Chronicle published a story about a Texas judge who took the rare step of punishing a child welfare agency for rushing to remove children from home.

The case started in January when Darcy and Tye Miller brought one of their newborn twins to the Texas Children’s Hospital with bronchitis. The baby’s X-ray showed healing rib fractures that the parents could not explain. The hospital asked the parents … Read More

Parents’ and Children’s Rights at Stake- What a case before the Supreme Court means for families

Chris Gottlieb, co-director of the Family Defense Clinic at the New York University School of Law, explains Camreta v. Greene, a caseheard by the Supreme Court in March:

The case Camreta v. Greene involves parents’ and children’s rights in child welfare cases. The case started when a mother in Oregon sued child protective services because of what they had done to her daughter. The child protective services (CPS) worker in the case … Read More

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