Shakira Paige, Peer Trainer

Shakira graduated from the Rise & Shine Parent Leadership Program and became a Rise Contributor in 2019.

She became part of Rise’s Peer Vision Team in 2020, working to develop a report and model for peer and community care to support safe, thriving families and prevent involvement with the family policing system. Shakira became a Peer Trainer in 2021, and is now part of the parent-led team that is working to develop and implement the peer and community care model. They are currently building the necessary infrastructure to begin training Peer Supporters.

Shakira stated, “As a Contributor at Rise, I did things that I love. Now, I’m excited and passionate about stepping into my new role as a Peer Trainer at Rise. I know I can support parents and, like always, I’m ready for the long run. I’m ready for the progress my team and I are going to make with providing parents the support they want and need.”

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