Know Your Rights: State Central Register

In 2020, Manhattan Legal Services (MLS) and Rise provided a series presentations for parents and parent advocates to raise awareness and share information so they can advocate for themselves and support other parents in connecting to legal support, understanding the SCR letters, requesting records, sealing and amending their cases and preparing for hearings.

Rise and MLS offered this Facebook event on December 16, 2020 for parents, parent advocates and community members to learn about the SCR.

The information in the presentation can help people to clear their records so they can get meaningful work.


  • Washcarina Martinez Alonzo, Economic Justice Attorney at Manhattan Legal Services 
  • Jeanette Vega, Assistant Director for Training and Policy at Rise


  • Keyna Franklin, Assistant Editor, Rise

Additional Resources

  • Read “Clearing Your Name After an Investigation” with Washcarina Martinez Alonzo of MLS and Jeanette Vega of Rise. They explain how SCR records impact hundreds of thousands of Black and brown parents—and how you can get your record sealed and amended so it is not a barrier to employment.
  • MLS developed flyers in EnglishSpanish and Chinese that provide information about how to challenge reports.
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