Ashanti Bryant, Program Assistant

Ashanti Bryant has previously volunteered and worked with LGBTQ+ organizations, and most recently worked at an educational institution geared towards uplifting gifted low-income boys to excel. She is committed to working with teams that help vulnerable communities and dismantle oppressive systems. 

As the Program Assistant at Rise, Ashanti manages administrative tasks and works closely with our parent leaders to help build technical and communication capacities. Ashanti is passionate about Rise because she believes that the family regulation system as well as many systems within our country target and harm marginalized communities and do not equip them with tools needed to heal from the trauma that the systems have imposed upon them. Therefore, it makes it easier for that cycle of harm to continue. Ashanti wants to be part of an organization that is working on changing that and is focused on giving parents the voice to make changes in the systems where they are most affected and realize the power of their voices within their own communities.

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