Jeanette Vega, Co-Executive Director

Jeanette coordinates Rise’s policy impact through her role in advocacy collaborations and on NYC and statewide tasks forces and through public speaking and media. Jeanette has played a key role in developing Rise’s strategic plan and shift to community organizing, as well as Rise’s major programs since 2019: the Rise & Shine leadership training program for parents, training for Parent Advocates, and our Reunification Collaborative and TIPS approach to ensuring that parents have the information to navigate the system.

Jeanette has contributed to Rise since 2008 and became a Parent Leader in 2016. In 2018, she was promoted to Training Director and in 2020, she was promoted to Assistant Director, before becoming Co-Executive Director in June 2021.

Jeanette graduated from the Child Welfare Organizing Project’s Parent Leadership Training in 2005 and was one of the first Parent Advocates to staff Child Safety Conferences in New York City. Jeanette worked as a Parent Advocate at Episcopal Social Services for four years and is also certified as a visiting coach/ host.

Jeanette’s passion and dedication to this work and organization comes from wanting all parents to be the lead voices in changing systems and building community power. Parents know what parents need.

Jeanette is a proud wife and mother of 4 awesome boys.

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