Legal Rights

Parents’ legal rights in child welfare proceedings vary from state to state, and even in different cities. Work with your lawyer or a parent advocate to learn more about your rights. Rise’s interviews with lawyers offer guidance on your rights and responsibilities.

Luchando Para mi Hija – Tenía que aprender como enfrentar el sistema.

Read the English translation in Rise Issue #9: Immigration – Raising Children in a New Country.

El 14 de diciembre del 2001, yo ingresé a este país con una visa turista y decidí quedarme por problemas económicos y familiares en mi país de origen, Honduras. Mis dos hijos, que ahora son jóvenes, vivían con mi madre y yo envío la remesa familiar mensual.

Al primero no ganaba el dinero suficiente para cumplir con mis … Read More

Justicia Para Todos – Los inmigrantes indocumentados SÍ tienen derechos de inquilino.

Read the English translation in Rise Issue #9: Immigration – Raising Children in a New Country.

Uno de los problemas que pasamos en este país por ser inmigrantes y por no tener la residencia, ni información sobre los derechos como inquilinos es vivir en condiciones peligrosas sobre todo para los niños. En mi caso enfrenté el abuso por parte de mi casero.

Las condiciones más comunes en mi casa y tal vez en la … Read More

A Responsibility to Report – What to do if your child reveals sexual abuse.

art by Odessa Straub

Stacey Platt, the associate director of the Loyola Child Law Center in Chicago, explains how a parent whose child has been sexually abused can protect the child and protect the family from a child welfare investigation:

The law doesn’t offer a formula for how a parent should respond if a child says she was sexually abused by someone in the family or in the home. But there are general … Read More

What to Expect from Your Lawyer

When I first met my lawyer, she was just straightforward. She told me, “Stay with your rehab program, don’t use any drugs, don’t miss court or your visits,” and that was it. But as she saw that I was working to get my daughter home, she began to fight for me. She asked that I be granted weekend visits and told the judge, “I trust my client.”

The day the judge announced that my daughter could … Read More

Making the Best of a Bad Situation – NJ mother wins State Supreme Court ruling on addiction

When you’re addicted and find out you’re pregnant, it can feel like there’s no good way out. If you ask for help, you can wind up being accused of maltreating your baby. But if you don’t ask for help, you aren’t doing all you can to make sure you’re ready for your baby.

In December, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in favor of an opiate-addicted pregnant women called Y.N., who followed … Read More

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