It Won’t Happen Again

When children act out after reunification, parents often feel overwhelmed. These stories help parents understand children’s fear and anger and learn healthy responses that other parents have used to repair relationships with their children.

* 9 stories by parents who have reunified with their children
* Discussion guides for each story – use in parenting classes, parent support groups, or staff training
* Worksheets for each story to help parents reflect on their experiences and define “action steps” they can take to handle the stresses of reunification

“‘It Won’t Happen Again’ is terrific. The stories are real and that will give it strong credibility with parents whose kids are in care. I like the fact that each story does not have a fairy tale ending. The questions for the guided discussions are right on and touch upon the key issues of reunification. The worksheets bring in a nice reflective component.” – Michael Katch, previous director of ACS’ Office of Family Visiting

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