Breaking a Painful Pattern

Designed to support and guide parents with who are in recovery from an addiction and have children in foster, this workbook includes true stories by parents who have successfully overcome addiction and reconnected with their children. It also includes interviews with experts on addiction recovery. Lessons and worksheets make it easy to use the stories in parent groups or in one-on-one sessions between a parent and treatment counselor, child welfare caseworker, or parent advocate. Parents find hope and guidance in the true stories of their peers.

* 14 stories by parents in recovery who have reconnected with their children
* Repairing relationships: 4 stories focus on young children, 4 on teens
* Discussion guides for each story–use in parent groups or even staff training
* Worksheets for each stories help parents reflect on their experiences and define “action steps” they can take to handle the stresses of recovery and repair
* A great resource for both drug treatment programs and foster care agencies

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