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Seeking a Safe Haven- Parents abandon teens under a Nebraska law passed to save babies.

In July, Nebraska instituted a “safe haven” law that allows parents to leave a child at a hospital without fear of prosecution. The law was intended to allow parents to safely abandon infants they could not take care of, and many states have similar laws. However, the Nebraska law did not specify that it applied only to babies, and in September and October, as many as 25 parents dropped off older children at hospitals, saying … Read More

Paying the Price- My daughter was adopted while I was in prison.

July 4, 2004 was one of the best days of my life. I was sitting in a cell in a prison in upstate New York, thinking about all the things I’d beenthrough in the past five years. It was a hot summer day and all of my friends were going on visits. I was thinking, “Man, I need a visit.” Truthfully, I was stressed out.

Around 9:15 the officer announced, “Inmate Fair, … Read More

No Recourse- Illinois parents try to stop family separations by taking the child welfare system to court.

On August 8, 2003, my husband, Tom, was on the back porch of our home with Ryan, our 4 month-old-son, and Briana, our 18-month-old daughter. Tom was holding Ryan when he threw the diaper bag into the house and stepped backwards—on to Briana’s foot. Trying not to hurt Briana, Tom lost his balance and fell with Ryan over the railing into the grass below.

I called 911 immediately and Ryan was taken … Read More

‘Mommy, I Know You Try Hard’- I’m succeeding in college with my family’s support.

Last spring, I enrolled at LaGuardia Community College. For years Ihad wanted to prove to myself that I am smart enough to get a college degree. I never felt like I had the chance to finish school because I didn’t have anyone to count on when I was young. My birth family gave me up and my adoptive family abused me.

But after 20 years of using drugs, I went to treatment and … Read More

Mind Games- Getting high felt like the only way to keep myself sane.

I rolled the meth pipe between my fingers and watched the smoke as it moved toward my lips. I looked around the bathroom I had secretlybeen getting high in despite my enormous eight-and-a-half month pregnant belly. My boyfriend, Mike, had torn all my things off the walls the last time he had beat me in there, and I’d decided to redecorate.

As I climbed on the counter to put up an aquatic … Read More

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